What do the import warnings mean?

After importing a file into your account, the import results page might alert you to some issues with your import. Here are some tips on what these mean and how to fix them:

Map pin not found

This issue means we couldn't find a map pin location for a store based on the address given. Some common reasons for this error include:

  • The store didn't have an address listed
  • The listed address was misspelled or nonexistent
  • The listed address was vague or not a full street address

You may want to check out our article on Tips for formatting store addresses.

To fix these issues, you can follow these steps:

  1. Click the Fix issue button next to any issue to open the location editor
  2. Correct or adjust the address, then click Find address on map to drop a map pin
  3. Once you've dropped a pin, click Next and then Save to update the store with the new location
  4. You can then close the new tab that was opened to return to the import results page

When you save the store, the issue will automatically be marked as Resolved in the list (once you refresh the import details page).

If you have a large number of issues, you may find it simpler to make edits to your original file (e.g. in Excel) and then retry the import. You can click the Delete button at the bottom of the import results page to erase the import (and any imported stores) so that you can try again.

Map pin is approximate

In this case, we were able to find a map pin for the store, but the match had low confidence (we aren't sure if it's accurate or not). Sometimes the pin is actually spot-on, but other times the pin may be slightly off or only positioned in the general vicinity (e.g. at the town or neighborhood level).

This can happen for a variety of reasons, for example:

  • The exact street address was misspelled or nonexistent, but we were able to match at the town/city level
  • The listed address was a general area (e.g. a city or state) rather than a street address
  • The address wasn't a physical location, e.g. a P.O. Box

These warnings are optional to fix - some folks know their store lists have approximate details (e.g. only a city or state, rather than a full address) and may want to ignore them. However, we prefer to make the information available so that you have the choice, rather than hiding the inaccuracy and claiming that everything went through correctly.

You can review these problems using the same steps as above - in the location editor, just check that the map pin matches the address correctly and make changes as needed.