Installing Stockist Store Locator on Zoey

Stockist is fully integrated into  Zoey, a customizable e-commerce solution with an easy-to-use website editor. Once you install the Stockist app on Zoey, you can drag-and-drop our component inside the editor to easily add a store locator to any page on your Zoey site.

Getting started

Before starting this guide, you'll need:

  1. A Zoey shop - you can sign up at
  2. A Stockist account - you can sign up for a free trial of Stockist here

Step 1: Install the Stockist app on Zoey

In order for the Stockist block to appear inside your site editor, you'll need to install and enable the Stockist app in your Zoey account.

To install the Stockist app, open the  Stockist Store Locator Zoey App page, then click the Get App button and follow the prompts.

Accept the confirmation to complete the installation:

Once installed, the app will take you to your store's admin page and will ask you to enable it. Make sure that Enable is set to Yes, then click the Save Config button in the upper-right corner:

Step 2: Drag & Drop the Stockist Store Locator block

In your site' Visual Design Editor (the "Edit My Design") section,  create a new page for your store locator, or open an existing page. Next, open the add menu, find the Apps section, and drag the Stockist Store Locator block into your page.

Step 3: Copy your account identifier

Next, you'll need to link the app block on your page to your Stockist account by copying your account identifier into the block settings.

If you just signed up for Stockist, you can find your identifier on the welcome page:

Otherwise, click Get embed code in the left menu to find your identifier:

In your Visual Design Editor, click Edit on the store locator block, then paste your Stockist account identifier into the window and click Submit:

Once you've set up your account identifier, click Save & Publish, then view your store to see the store locator working. Your store locator won't load in the Visual Design Editor.

Step 4: Customize

Congratulations! Once the steps above are completed, your new Store Locator should be displaying on your Zoey site.

You can add your store locations and customize settings, map colors, and more, all from the Stockist app dashboard.

Need help?

If you have any questions or ran into trouble during the installation, just click Contact Us at the top of the page and we'll be happy to help out.