How to find your Google Maps usage level

Stockist uses services provided by Google Maps to power the map on your store locator. These services are provided directly to your website, not through Stockist - for more details, please see our  page explaining Google Maps licensing.

Google provides a generous amount of free map services to all websites, so very few clients need to worry about their usage. However, if you want to check your website's recent usage level of Google Maps services, please follow the steps below.

Checking your recent usage

Please follow these steps to identify your recent Google Maps key usage:

  1. Ensure you're logged into the Google account you used to set up your Google Maps Key. You can check the Google Account page to see what account you're currently logged into.
  2. Once you're logged in, click here to open the Google Services Dashboard.
  3. Ensure that the project selection dropdown at the top of the page is displaying the name of the project that contains the Google Maps key you initially created when setting up Stockist on your website:
  4. The list of services being used will appear in the table near the bottom:
  5. Click on the name of any of the listed services to find usage details for that service. The services used by Stockist are:
    1. Maps JavaScript API (used to display the map on your site)
    2. Geocoding API (use to turn addresses into map coordinates when searching)
    3. Places API (used to show address suggestions while searching)

    For more details about what each service is used for and the associated costs, please see our page explaining Google Maps licensing.

  6. On the details page for a particular service, click the Quotas tab:

  7. The Quotas page will show a graph of recent daily usage for that service. (Note: depending on the service, there may be additional graphs with no data - in this case, you may need to scroll down to find the relevant graph, which will be called Requests or Map loads). You can also use the button highlighted above to download a CSV file containing the usage details.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us.