Installing Stockist Store Locator on Lightspeed

Stockist works with websites powered by Lightspeed eCommerce, and lets you easily add a full-featured store locator map to your Lightspeed eCommerce website.

After signing up with Stockist, you can use the steps below to add your map to a page on your Lightspeed site:

  1. In the left menu of your Lightspeed admin, click Content:
  2. Click Add Page in the top right:
  3. Click the Source code button in the page content editor (it looks like <>):
  4. In your Stockist dashboard, open the Installation > Embed code page and copy the code snippet that's shown:
  5. Back in Lightspeed, paste in the code from Stockist in the Source code popup that opened when clicking the Source code button:
  6. Highlight everything between <script> and </script> (inclusive):
  7. Copy the <script>...</script> portion you highlighted to your clipboard, then delete this section:
  8. Click Ok to save the modified code
  9. Click Save to save the page:
  10. Back in the main Lightspeed dashboard, click Settings:
  11. Under Website Settings, click Web Extras:
  12. Under Custom JS, ensure the Status setting is On, then paste in the <script>...</script> code you copied in step 7:
  13. Click Save to update the settings:
  14. Your store locator should now be loading on the page you created.

If you run into any trouble, please feel free to reach out to us for assistance!