Setting up multiple languages with Shopify

Stockist supports setting up multiple languages for a single map, and is fully compatible with Shopify’s built-in multi-language support.

Setting up translations

The first and only step to set things up with Shopify is to add each of your translated languages in the Stockist app dashboard. You can follow the steps in our article for setting up multiple languages here:

No additional setup needed

Stockist will automatically detect the current language in use on your Shopify store, and if it matches one of the languages in your Stockist account, the translated text will appear automatically.
If your site's current language hasn't been set up in your Stockist account, the  primary language of your Stockist map (as chosen on the Text & translations page of the Stockist dashboard) will be shown.
If you have any questions  about setting up translations, feel free to reach out to us and we’re happy to help.