Another map key is preventing the map from loading correctly

If you’ve successfully set up a Google Maps key in your Stockist dashboard, but the map on your website is showing darkened text or displaying an error message, the problem may be caused by another map key in your site’s code.


In order to display a Google map on your website, Stockist will try to load the Google Maps plugin into the page using the Google Maps key you provided in your Stockist dashboard.
The Google Maps plugin can only be loaded one time on any particular page. If other code on your website has already loaded Google Maps into the page with a different key, it’s not possible to switch the page to use the key you provided. In this case, Stockist will try to show the map using the key / plugin that’s already present in the page. If the plugin was loaded with an invalid key, your map may show an error message.
This issue can happen if a developer or IT staff member previously added code to your site to use Google Maps, even if there isn't currently any other map visible on your site.
If your site is hosted using Shopify, the following apps are known to cause this problem:
  • NDN Store Locator (now discontinued)
  • "S: Store Locator" (previously known as "Storeify Store Locator") (the rebranded NDN Store Locator)
  • Globo Store Locator
This happens because these apps permanently modify your theme to use their own Google Maps key. The issue may persist even after uninstalling these apps, as their theme changes are not removed when uninstalling the app.

Fixing the issue

To fix the issue with your map, the extra code that is loading Google Maps will need to be removed from your website. The exact steps depend upon where and how the code was added (for example, which app added it), so feel free to reach out to our support team for assistance.
We have instructions for a few common situations below:

"S: Store Locator" on Shopify (previously "Storeify Store Locator")

Remove the Storeify app's code from your theme.liquid file by deleting two lines.

First, delete the line that looks like this near the top of the theme.liquid file:

{% include 'storeifyapps-storelocator-header' %}

Second, delete the line that looks like this near the bottom of the theme.liquid file:

{% include 'storeifyapps-storelocator-footer' %}<br>

NDN Store Locator on Shopify

Remove the NDN app's code from your theme.liquid file by deleting the line that looks like this:

<script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script><br>

Globe Store Locator on Shopify

Other situations

If your situation isn’t covered by one of the categories above, or if you’re not sure how to proceed, feel free to reach out to our support team and we’re happy to assist you.