Adding a link to your Store Locator page on Shopify

If you installed Stockist through the Shopify App Store, we’ve automatically added a new Store Locator page to your shop. This page is live on your site, but doesn’t have any links to it, so visitors won’t be able to find it without typing in the exact URL in the address bar.

Once your store locator is set up and you’re ready to make it live, you can create a link to your Store Locator page in your site’s menu so that visitors can find the page.

Adding a link

  1. In your Shopify admin, click Online Store > Navigation in the left menu:

  2. Click on the name of the menu where you’d like to add the link:

    Most sites have a main menu at the top of the page as well as a footer menu at the bottom, and possibly others as well. You can add links to as many menus as you’d like to ensure visitors can easily find your map.

  3. Click Add menu item at the bottom:

  4. In the Name field, choose a link name (the text that visitors will see in the menu). In the field underneath, type in “store locator” and select the Store Locator page from the results:

    Note: if you tried out another store locator app before installing Stockist, you may have multiple pages called “Store Locator”. In this case you may want to delete or rename the other pages from the "Online Store > Pages" section of your admin to make it easier to find the right page.

  5. Click Add at the bottom to add to the menu item:

  6. Optionally, drag the new entry up and down to position it in the menu where you’d like:

  7. Click Save menu to update your menu:

That’s it! Once the steps above are done, your menu will have a new link and visitors will be able to find the store locator page on your site.