Setting up multiple languages / translations

With Stockist, it's possible to set up multiple languages for a single map. If your website is available in several languages, you can set up your store locator to match the language shown on the rest of your site.

Stockist supports changing or translating the app’s text and messages, including:
  • The placeholder text shown in the search box (e.g. "Type a city or postal code...")
  • The text of the search button (e.g. "Search")
  • The text of the geolocation button (e.g. "Use my location")
  • The initial message shown (e.g. "Type a city or postal code to find nearby stores")
  • The message when no results are nearby
  • The message when a customer types an address that doesn't exist or can't be found
  • The message when there's a problem searching for stores (e.g. if the WiFi connection was lost)
  • The message when there's a problem accessing the customer's location (when using geolocation)
  • The text for the "Get directions" link
  • The text for the "Website" link
  • The names of any Search filters and Custom fields
Please note the following limitations:
  • It’s not currently possible to translate the details of individual stores (e.g. the store name, address, notes, or the per-store value of any custom fields). If you need to translate the details of individual stores, consider setting up an additional Stockist account to create a separate map for the other language.
  • The language of the map itself (the labels for countries, cities, etc.) is not affected by the language used for the rest of the app's messages. For Mapbox, you can set up a custom style to translate the map labels, but this style will apply regardless of the language in Stockist. For Google Maps, the map labels will automatically match the customer's preferred browser language.
The number of languages that you can add depends on your plan level. To check how many languages are supported by your current plan, click on the Account link in the left menu and check the Your plan section.

Setting up translations

To translate the text in your store locator, set up your languages in the Stockist app dashboard with the following steps:
  1. Click Settings in the left menu, then choose Text & translations:
  2. Set up your primary language. This should be your store’s main language, and will be used for any visitors whose language preference doesn’t match another language in your Stockist account. If your primary language is English and you’re okay using the app’s standard text for English-speaking visitors, you can skip this step.
    1. Click Edit primary language:
    2. In the Language dropdown, select the primary language for your site:
    3. In the fields below, replace the standard text with the translated text you’d like to show for each message:
    4. Save the page to update your primary language:
  3. Set up additional languages
    1. Back on the Text & translations page, click Add translated language:
    2. In the Language dropdown, select the language for this translation:
    3. In the fields below, add the translated text you’d like to show for each message:
    4. Save the page to add the additional language:

Integrating with your website

Once you’ve set up your languages in the Stockist dashboard, the next step is to configure your website to show your locator in the correct language. 
Stockist has a native integration with Shopify, so if you’re using multiple languages on Shopify, your map will automatically match the language of your Shopify site without any additional setup. We have more details on our integration with Shopify's multi-lingual feature here:
If you’re using a different platform, you’ll need to configure your site to load the map in a different language depending on the rest of your site. Please contact our support team with details about what site platform you're using, and we’re happy to help you get set up.