Using Stockist with the Langify app

Stockist can work with the Langify app on Shopify. This article contains instructions for setting up translated versions of your locator using multiple Stockist accounts and the Langify app.

Translating your Stockist Store Locator using Langify

Due to the way Langify works, it's not able to translate the text that appears within your store locator. This means that the text in your store locator will always be the same, regardless of the language setting on your site.

If you'd like to translate the text in your store locator, you can follow the steps below. You'll need to create a separate Stockist account for each language, and then configure Langify to display a different Stockist account on the page depending on your site's language setting.

Create multiple Stockist accounts

Currently Stockist only supports a single language per account, so a separate Stockist account is needed for each language you'd like to use.

It's not possible to install an app more than once on your Shopify shop, however you can create multiple accounts by signing up for additional accounts directly on our site. Each account will need a unique email address and will need a credit card linked for payment (although you can use the same card with multiple accounts).

If you have multiple Shopify shops (for example, country-specific shops or a separate shop for development/testing), you could also choose to create multiple Stockist accounts by installing the Stockist app on more than one shop.

Set up your translations

To set up multiple translations, log into each of your accounts in turn and use the  Customize text link in the left menu of the Stockist app dashboard to set up the correct text for each translation.

To switch between accounts while setting things up, use the Sign out link in the Account menu in the top-right of the dashboard, and then log into your next account:

  • For a Shopify-linked account, open the relevant Shopify admin portal and click Apps > Stockist Store Locator
  • For an account created directly on our site, use our login page with the email address and password you set up when creating your account

You'll also need to set up your store list within each account. Once you have your stores set up in a single account, the easiest way to duplicate your stores in your additional accounts is to export your store list from the Bulk export page of the app dashboard, and then re-import the list using the Bulk import page under your other account.

Configure Langify to switch Stockist accounts depending on language

Once you have your Stockist accounts set up with the correct translations and store details, you're ready to set up Langify to display a different account (and thus a different translation) depending on the language used by each visitor:

  1. Copy your store locator code
    1. Log into the Stockist account for your first language
    2. Click Get embed code in the left menu of the Stockist app dashboard
    3. Select all of the HTML code in the grey box, right-click, and select Copy.
  2. Insert the code into Langify
    1. Open the Langify app dashboard for your shop
    2. In the Langify app header, choose the language corresponding to the Stockist account that you've just copied the embed code from
    3. Choose Pages in the left menu
    4. Open the Store Locator page (Note: it may be named differently if you've changed the page name in Shopify)
    5. On the right-hand (Translation) side, under Content, click "<>" (Show HTML)
    6. Clear any content in the textbox, then paste in the embed code from step 1(b)
    7. If you'd like to translate the title or description of the page, do so now (before saving)
    8. Click Save only once.
  3. Repeat steps 1-2 for for each language

Important: Due to a bug in Langify, clicking Save (in step 2) more than once will break the locator's embed code and prevent the Stockist app from loading on the page correctly. If this happens, just repeat steps 1-2 above to fix the issue.

Once each language has been set up, switching the language selector on your site should correctly switch the language in your store locator.

If you run into any trouble, we're here to help! Just click Contact Us at the top of this page.