Using Stockist with Langify

If you've translated your Shopify site using the Langify app and you notice that the Stockist store locator app has stopped working on your translated page, please see below for instructions to fix it.


There is a known issue with Langify where it will break certain types of apps when saving the translated page content.


To fix your Stockist locator, you'll just need to copy the correct loading code back in place:

  1. Copy your original store locator code
    1. Open the Stockist app dashboard and click Get embed code in the left menu
    2. Select all of the HTML code in the grey box, right-click, and select Copy.
  2. Insert the correct code into Langify:
    1. Open the Langify app dashboard for your shop
    2. In the Langify app header, choose the language where your store locator is broken
    3. Choose Pages in the left menu
    4. Open the Store Locator page (Note: it may be named differently if you've changed the page name in Shopify)
    5. On the right-hand (Translation) side, under Content, click "<>" (Show HTML)
    6. Clear any content in the textbox, then paste in the correct code from step 1(b)
    7. If you'd like to translate the title or description of the page, do so now (before saving)
    8. Click Save only once

Important: Please click the Save button only once. Langify will save the correct content the first time, but clicking Save again will break the code again (if you click Show HTML after saving the first time, you will notice the "<script>" bit is missing - it has saved correctly but will be incorrect if saved again).

If necessary, you can repeat step 2 for any additional languages.

If you run into any trouble, we're here to help! Just click Contact Us at the top of this page.