The importer shows a file format warning

If the bulk import tool is showing a warning about an incorrectly formatted file, it's because the file you're attempting to import is not formatted as UTF-8.

If your file contains any accented letters (á, ä, ç, è, etc.) or other non-English characters, we strongly recommend you recreate your file in UTF-8 to ensure that these letters are imported properly and display correctly on your store locator.

How do I fix it?

You can follow our  instructions for converting a spreadsheet to CSV to create a file that's in the right format.

Please be sure to follow the directions exactly to ensure your file is in the correct format.

But my store details are all in English!

If your store details are in English, the problem is probably caused by an occasional accent in your file (café, phở, résumé, etc).

If you think that the accents are rare and don't consider them to be important, you can ignore the warning and continue to import your file as-is. However please note that the accents may display incorrectly on your locator in this case.

Why does this happen?

For historical reasons, computers used to save files in language-specific formats. So a file created on a Spanish-language computer wouldn't be readable by a Russian-language computer. This saved space but was a headache when sharing files because your computer couldn't understand a file without knowing what language it was created in.

With the advent of the internet, the newer UTF-8 format was created which can handle any language. Even though UTF-8 has existed for decades, certain programs (notably Microsoft Excel before the 2016 edition) still used the old language-specific formats and couldn't save a CSV file in UTF-8.

Need help?

If you run into any problems or have any questions, please contact us and we're happy to assist.