Verifying your Google Maps API Key

Stockist supports using Google Maps as the map provider for your store locator. When you select Google Maps as your map provider, we'll use a key you provide from Google to power the map and parts of the search.

Google Maps functionality is divided into several “services” that each enable separate features. Stockist relies on three of them to work properly:
  • Maps JavaScript API: Used to display the map imagery
  • Geocoding API: Used to help match searches to specific places  
  • Places API: Used to show address suggestions when searching
If your Google Maps key is missing one of these services, you may notice an error on your store locator. This can be a grey box showing Oops! Something went wrong, or a popup near the search bar like the following:
The steps on this page will check that your key is set up correctly.

Enabling the three Google Maps services

Follow these steps to ensure the necessary services are enabled for your key:

  1. Open the Maps JavaScript API service page on the Google dashboard. If needed, sign into the Google account you used to create your key.
  2. Ensure that the correct project is selected: The project name shown should match the project that you created when initially setting up your Google Maps key.
  3. If you see a button labeled Enable, click it to turn on the service. If the button says Manage, the service is already enabled, and you can move to the next step.
  4. Open the Geocoding API service page and complete steps 2 & 3 again for that service (if an Enable button is shown, click it to turn on the service).
  5. Open the Places API service page and again complete the same steps 2 & 3 for that page
  6. Once you've visited all three service pages and have confirmed that they're all enabled, your locator should be able to display properly.

Checking for key restrictions

If the steps above didn’t resolve the issue, another possibility is that your key has been restricted to only work with certain services.

These steps will ensure the necessary services are permitted for your key:
  1. Open the Credentials page of the Google dashboard.
  2. Find your key in the list and click on the name:
  3. Check for any restrictions under API Restrictions.  You want to ensure that either Don't restrict key is selected or, if Restrict key is selected, ensure that all 3 services (Maps Javascript API, Geocoding API, Places API) are included in the permitted APIs:

Need help?

If the steps above didn't solve your issue, we're here to help! Just click Contact Us at the top of this page.