Creating a Mapbox key

Stockist gives you a choice of two map providers to power the map imagery in your store locator: Google Maps and Mapbox.
While Google Maps is well-known, setting up a license key to use Google Maps on your own site can be relatively complicated. Additionally, even though most of our clients do not incur additional costs to use Google Maps on their website, Google still asks you to link your credit card details to your key.
As an alternative, Stockist supports powering your store locator’s map using Mapbox. Mapbox is another map company that focuses on providing maps to be used on your website. Their maps are similar to Google’s and offer a similar level of free monthly usage, but are much easier to set up and don't require a credit card to get started.

Please note that our Mapbox option doesn't currently support custom map themes or suggesting address matches as the visitor types a search. If these are important, you may want to consider using Google instead.

To create a Mapbox license key (also known as an "access token") to use with your store locator, you can follow the steps below:

Creating your key

Follow these steps to set up your key:

  1. Sign up for an account with Mapbox on their website:

    You'll need to enter your email address, and also select a username (e.g. your business name without spaces) and a password.
    You may want to write down your account details in a secure place in case you need to access your account to make changes later on.
  2. On the Welcome screen, find the long series of letters and numbers labeled Default public token, as shown below:
  3. Copy the access token by clicking the clipboard icon next to the text.
  4. Get in touch with our support staff using the Contact us page in the app dashboard, and send us the token that you copied above. Our staff will assist with setting up the key in your Stockist account.