Creating a Google Maps API Key

Stockist uses third-party map providers to power the map imagery in your store locator, and one popular option we support is Google Maps. If you'd like to use Google Maps for the map in your store locator, Google requires that you obtain an "API key" for your website.

The steps below will guide you through creating a Google Maps key. Once created, you'll add this key to your Stockist account so that your store locator can display a map on your site.

A note about Google Maps billing 

It's important to note that the Google Maps services are provided directly to your website by Google, not by us (Stockist). Google offers each website a certain level of free map usage every month, which is enough for approximately 10,000 - 15,000 visits to your locator page each month. 99% of Stockist clients use less than Google's free limit, so for most Stockist clients there's no additional cost beyond that of your Stockist plan.

However, Google requires that each website provide billing details in order to use their maps, even if you never use more than the free credit. If your site uses less than the credit, you won't be charged.

After setting up your Google Maps key, you may also want to set up the following to track or limit your map usage:

We also support another company called Mapbox as an alternative. Mapbox is generally easier to set up and has a more generous free usage tier. You can find more details here.


Google provides a step-by-step 'wizard' to create a key. You can start this with the link below:

Get a Google Maps key

You can also access this same quickstart from the Stockist dashboard under Settings > Map provider > Google Maps > Create a Google Maps key.

However, due to limitations on Google's end, this process can only be used once for an account. If you've already set up a Google Maps key before, the process won't be able to complete. In this case, you can follow the steps below.

Creating your key

Follow these steps to create your Google Maps key:

  1. You'll need to be signed in to a Google account in order to create a key.
  2. Please check what you see on the Google Account page:
    • If you see a sign-in screen, sign in to the Google account you'd like to use to create your key.
    • If you're signed in but don't want to use that account, sign out, then sign back in with the right account.

      Once you're signed in (the page will say Welcome, [your name]), continue below. Take note of which account you're signed in to, in case you need to make any changes later.

  3. Open the Google Maps Platform dashboard to start the process.
  4. In the Create a project screen, pick a memorable project name (e.g. Store Locator Key). This name won't be visible to your customers. Check the box to agree to the Google Maps Terms of Service, then click Create.

  5. If you haven't used Google Maps before, you'll be prompted to set up your billing details with a screen like one of the ones below. Click Create Billing Account or Upgrade in order to continue.

  6. If you're prompted for billing details, fill out the screen(s) that appear with your billing details. When you're done, click the button saying Continue or Next or similar (the actual button text changes frequently as Google experiments with their sign-up page).
  7. Once your billing details are confirmed, you'll return to the screens for setting up your key. In this screen, select all three checkboxes next to Maps, Routes, and Places, then click Next:

  8. The following screen will confirm that you're about to create your key - just click Enable.

  9. Almost done! Finally, after a moment, you'll see a prompt displaying your new Google Maps key:

  10. Select the key and copy it, or click the copy button on the right-hand side. Then, paste the key into the Map provider page on your Stockist app dashboard and click Save.
  11. Our app dashboard will try to automatically verify your key to ensure it’s set up correctly. If you run into an error message, try following the steps in this article to verify that your key has enabled all of the necessary services
  12. Finally, to ensure you key continues working, look for the Activate button in the Google dashboard and click it:

    If you don't "activate" your account, your map will stop working after 90 days or a certain amount of usage is reached.

Once your key has been added to your Stockist account, your store locator will automatically begin displaying your map.

Next steps

Optionally, you may also want to set up the following with Google:

You can also read more details about how Stockist uses Google Maps and how the free usage limit is calculated.