Installing Stockist Store Locator on Squarespace

Stockist is fully compatible with Squarespace - to add your locator to your site, you just need to add a module to the page where you'd like your locator to appear, then paste in a bit of embed code from your Stockist dashboard.

Note that Stockist requires that you be able to add a custom code block to your website, which is only possible in Squarespace with their Business, Commerce Basic, or Commerce Advanced plans. Note that this refers to your Squarespace plan and not to your subscription to Stockist.

The exact steps are detailed below:

  1. In the Squarespace site editor, click Pages, then navigate to the page where you'd like to add your store locator, or click + to create a new page:
  2. If you picked an existing page, hover over the page on the right and click Edit at the top:
  3. Hover your mouse over the page in the general area where you'd like to place the locator, then click the bulb icon to insert a new content block:
  4. Click Embed to add a new embedded content block:
  5. In the Embed panel, click </> to enter the embed code manually:
  6. Copy your customized embed code from the Get embed code page of the dashboard, paste it into the Embed Data pane, then click Set.
  7. If the Embed panel is still open, it should indicate that the embed data was set manually - you can just click Apply:
  8. You'll see a message that embedded scripts are disabled while you're editing your site - this is normal. The locator won't display while you're editing your site, but don't worry - the locator will show up once you view your site live.
  9. You can add any content above or below the locator as needed. Once you're done, click Save at the top of the page to save your changes:
  10. To see your locator live, you can log out of your site's admin panel, or else try opening your site in a private or incognito window in your browser.


If your store locator sometimes seems not to load (it gets stuck at the "Loading..." message), try following the steps on this page.

If you run into any trouble, just click Contact Us at the top of this page and let us know - we're here to help!