Getting Started with Stockist Store Locator

If you’d like to get started displaying your stores, retail partners, and/or distributors on a searchable map, you can follow the steps here to set up a Stockist Store Locator account and add it to your website.

1. Create an account

You can sign up for our app and start your two-week free trial by creating an account here:
If your site is hosted with Shopify, you can alternatively install our Shopify store locator app. You’ll be able to log into our app from your Shopify admin without a separate password, and the app’s cost will automatically appear on your regular Shopify invoice.

2. Add your stores

Our app helps you manage your list of store locations. In order to show your store map, we need to know which locations you’d like to show.
If you have just a few stores, you can add them one by one on our app dashboard. Just click “Add a location” in the left menu of the app dashboard, then fill out the form with the name, address, and details of the location.
If you have many stores to add, you might find it easier to upload a spreadsheet containing all of your store details. We have more details here about how your spreadsheet should be set up:

3. Set up a map key

Before we can show a map on your website, you'll need to set up a key for a map provider. We currently support your choice of either Google Maps or Mapbox. We also have more details about why a map provider is required and how to choose one for your site.

4. Add the locator to your site

Finally, to show the locator on your site, you’ll need to copy and paste a small bit of code into a page on your site’s management portal.
If you’re using our Shopify app, this step is done for you automatically.
Otherwise, we have instructions available for several common platforms:
That's it! Let us know if you have any questions or feedback.